Dimensions: 5m x 2.4m
Materials: LED (24 × 50 Pixels),
Housing (Laser Cut Acrylic)
Custom software running Processing 3 controlling
LED’s through x3 FadeCandy boards

We do not lack communication. On the contrary, we have too much of it — We lack resistance to the present.
Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari.

HyperLoad is a large-scale LED installation produced as part of my final project for Goldsmiths Ba Design. The project investigated contemporary social media interactions and how the channelling of our communications into techno-social networks threatens the existence of our cultural landscape as we know it. The construction of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok render the participant as only an actor, producing flows of data converting into systems of economic gain — systems revolving the accumulation of attention. Hyperload contemplates how a social media platform could be composed to disrupt the economic motivations permeating networks popular today.

The low-resolution display provides a digital ‘social’ experience establishing an opposition to contemporary networked social interactions. This disruption has been composed by offering an localised interaction, free from algorithmic economic incentives instead displaying cultural content sequenced through a chronological pattern, this communication resembles a collective feed with a collective narrative exhibiting a shared experience as opposed to an individual one. The scale of the display invites a collective experience as opposed to a handheld insular one. The low-resolution of the display visually encodes the images, allowing an easier consumption of the content, freeing the burden of perception.

Users can send images through a QR code connecting to a server that collects the uploads. These are then processed by a java application formatting the images to an imitation Instagram feed, mimicking a fluid scrolling motion; each pixel is then mapped and assigned to the corresponding LEDs on the 5m x 2.5m display.

[User Uploads]

(Over 200 Images were collected throughout
the duration of the exhibit.)

HyperLoad encourages individuals to question the format of techno-social-networking applications through the inherent cultural implications resulting from a sociality mediated by economically motivated algorithms and how the current structure, distribution, and control of these networks can be contemplated as we expand into the digital age.

[A4 Riso Printed Publication]

A set of risograph printed publications featuring visual experimentations, research, and other writings developed through the project were displayed and given out to attendees of the show.