Jason Bruges Application

If this link finds itself through the ether, hi! My name is Ollie. I saw over on Instagram you guys are hiring, so I thought I would put together an application. I’ll try my best to keep it short...

[About me]

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, recently graduated from Goldsmiths, and for the last few months, I have allocated all the free time I have to developing my technical skills in Houdini, and the rest as a barista in a local coffee shop, working at a fast pace providing exceptional coffee for the customers. I am a passionate visual engineer who enjoys solving problems through the exploration and integration of different digital mediums. I first became aware of JBS whilst in my final year finding inspiration from your immersive interactive installations, and enjoyed meeting some of the team and seeing what goes on in the studio whilst visiting your open evening in the summer.

Below are two of my own projects that hopefully should demonstrate why I would be a good addition to your team.


This was the 'hyperload,' my exhibit as part of my final year project at Goldsmiths. The project intended to promote an alternative to algorithmic social media channels by proposing a localised experience. The installation is a 5m x 2.4m low-resolution display made up of cheap ws2812 LEDs, all hand-soldered by me to a 300W power supply and x3 FadeCandy boards.

Early in the project I concluded the project would be best realised through coding which led me to learning java. I explored my subject through various visual experiments and systems built utilising my evolving Java expertise, eventually developing so that I was able to build a processing application that connected to the Led’s. Whilst running, users were able to send images through the QR code on the right, bringing them to a file upload webpage that transferred the images to a google drive folder, automatically updating a local folder on my laptop. These images would then be processed by my java application formatting them into an imitated instagram feed mimicking a fluid scrolling motion. Pixels would then be mapped to a corresponding LED through the FadeCandy open pixel control library.

The interactive installation successfully collected over 200 images throughout the exhibit.

These are some of the additional resources I produced as part of the project including a publication, a poster and the website I built using javascript that connects to the css of the page, the moving text on the top and left hand side were live elements and not gifs/videos which was pretty cool but i'm not sure still work anymore. Apologies for the green background by the way, I dont think I'm going to win any awards for this page's composition.


My practice for the last 5 months has been entirely consumed by learning Houdini, the learning curve was initially extremely steep and daunting, but, I have come to love the procedural workflow and don't think I could ever revert to the more destructive one I was familiar with whilst using blender. I am currently working on building projects to showcase my learning in a reel.

Below are some videos from a project I have currently been developing, it doesn't really have a name yet as such but the primary concept revolves around lost objects, or something like that - focusing on connecting natural elements to their origin. I have been making an effort to depart a bit from overly conceptualised projects so these can be seen more as material tests; this ramble is just sort of stuff I have been thinking about whilst progressing with the experiments.

Some stills but please check the links below if you have the time they’re only around 10 seconds each.




The effect is primarily achieved by utilising displacement maps, using the boolean objects to create attributes that I can manipulate to map custom highfields onto the geometries uv’s. I am still developing the technique and have been treating the process more like r&d or a material test to come up with something I find novel. Like I was saying before, I find houdini’s operateration to be although sometimes painstaking, ultimately greatly rewarding, this project started out as something quite simple but progressed into something visually complex. Once the system is built the procedural setup can then be reused. Each of the examples above only took a day or of tweaking from the initial configuration.

Whilst studying I had my mind set on interaction design, I am greatly inspired by the works of studios like JBS and your field_io. I have been meaning to delve into learning the unreal engine to create immersive interactive experiences both in the digital and physical world. I actually only came to begin houdini because with the interaction design industry being so recent and small I wasn't able to make any connections through my attempts with my portfolio, so have been developing myself as a motion graphics artist as I felt this would be a better way to find myself there.

In terms of technical capabilities I have a good knowledge of the adobe suite, illustrator, photoshop etc. Along with unreal I also have my sights on python at some point in the future, which I would like to eventually use to enhance my workflow across the softwares I am familiar with. I saw on the post, knowledge in CAD software is important, whilst on my foundation I was familiar with Rhino but haven't used it since then.

I recently completed a freelance project for a London based jewellery company called ‘GUM’, where I was hired to co create with the two owners a new collection of rings that they could 3D print. They are still in the process of shooting content in preparation for their release but would love for the opportunity to talk about the project and some aspects I feel would be relevant to this role.

I hope this document has displayed my willingness to learn and articulated my creative adaptility. I am eager for an opportunity that allows me to accelerate my ambitions and allow me to become the technician I believe I will one day be. I am excited by the  invaluable opportunity for experience and growth that would be afforded by joining you guys as a junior designer, and believe I have the ability to meaningfully contribute to the amazing work you guys produce.

I would love to talk some more about my work and ambitions.

My email is: